Midlife is hard - Coaching for a busy life

It's not a sign of weakness to ask for help...

Christian is a highly skilled coach, he has supported me to look at many aspects of my life, that I see as an issue.

He has helped me to see other perspectives and to move a number of situations, where I was stuck, forward.

Being coached by Christian has been such a positive experience, knowing that I had him to check in with weekly and that he would keep me on track, keep me real and challenged in a
non-confrontational, supportive way.

I have Moved forward with family issues, reclaimed my life and responsibility for it and am looking forward to my future more.

I can not speak highly enough of Christian as a coach, he is very easy to work with.
I have always looked forward to our coaching sessions, knowing that in each session, with his support I am empowering myself to move forward, and am more able to enjoy my life more fully.

Amanda D-T