Midlife is hard

you can ask for help

What is the problem with Mid-Life?

Somewhere in the middle of our life, most of us feel unfulfilled even though we have reached most of our goals. We have gotten the career we wanted, found a partner, bought a house, had kids. We can say:
"been there, done that" to most of our goals, but what does that leave us with?

A gaping hole where our dreams and aspirations once were.

Most people will try to fill this hole with different things, such as hobbies, new friendships, career-changes, divorces, expensive cars, doubts, fears, anxieties, ... basically anything that makes the hole feel less scary. These distractions may give a little temporary reprieve, but then the hole is back—and sometimes with a vengeance.

So what can you do about this?

In former times, you would go and ask your parents, grandparents, or village elder for advice and guidance. They would know you, have seen you grow up, and probably set you on your course. They would share their own experiences with you and help you make sense of this new phase for you. Today, our lives are so individualistic, busy, and constantly changing. It is hard to explain what's going on in your life to someone, especially someone who is older and may be more bewildered by the speed at which things are developing than you.

You may or may not have trusted friends or family members you can turn to. If you do, this is still not an easy choice. How do you share with your family that you are not entirely happy or that you are up for a big change? How do you explain to your friends that the successful person they have all come to know feels insecure or unhappy? Enter the Life Coach.

Life Coach?

As a coach, I listen, I understand, I help you reflect and identify what it is you want to change. I don't judge and I am not invested in a specific outcome. What I am invested in, is looking at what is holding you back and helping you move past it!

We are all constantly experiencing changes in our life. Essentially, every change has four phases and goes from "Everything feels wrong" via "How could it be better" and "How to make it happen" to "Let's enjoy this as long as it lasts"; just to start again at the beginning. Don't get me wrong. This does not mean that all parts of your life are constantly in peril. Changes don't usually impact all areas of your life and while your career could be in "Everything feels wrong"-mode, all other areas of your life could be peachy and in no need of change at all.

As a life coach, I will help you examine those areas of your life that you feel are not perfectly aligned.

What to expect?

The way I do this is first and foremost by listening and questioning. We'll look at what is bothering you, what brings imbalance and is stopping you from bringing about the change you want. We will then figure out how you can overcome what is stopping you and I can help you stay accountable for bringing about that change.

Sounds too new-agey for you?

I understand that feeling. We will look at thoughts, behaviors, and emotions but how we do this is determined by what you feel comfortable with. If you want to explore your inner child or analyze a dream, we can. If you prefer to work practically and define steps towards your bigger goal, we can. There is much in-between we can also explore. My approach is: Whatever Works. Whatever helps you feel better and gets you closer to feeling content with where you are. Having said this, I am trained and certified by the Martha Beck Institute as a Wayfinder Life Coach. I am not a doctor, psychotherapist, neurologist, or other health-care worker.

Let's get started

How do we get started? Simple: we just schedule a free introductory session. The introductory session is an opportunity to learn more about the process, each other, and discuss any questions you might have. It’s important we both feel comfortable with each other if we are going work together. Send me an E-Mail to find a suitable time.